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re: App: doodooeyes

The application submitted by doodooeyes is as follows:

Name of your character you're applying on:

Armory Link::

Class with spec and offspec::

Current guild and previous guild:
Rain - Stormreaver
Check Please - Durotan
Challenge Accepted - Khadgar

Why are you choosing to leave your current guild:
I joined Rain after a 7 month hiatus from wow, pretty much just cause toaster (collapse) told me to. They are alright to raid with, but friday/saturday is pretty cancer.

Why did you choose us and what are you expecting here:
You guys seem like you have a fun raid environment. Watched your streams a few times and the dude w/ the french canadian status is hilarious.

What are your current and past raiding experiences:
9/13M - Current.
In BRF I quit at 7/10M in March. We were like US 80 or some shit when I left Check Please.
In HM we downed 7/7M In January, US 45 If I remember correctly.

Raid spot depends on performance and raid comp needed, what are your thoughts about that?:
Yea, I've been in progression guilds for a while so I know how this works.

Even if you're benched we ask our members to be around during raid, do you have a problem with that?:



Can you make all or most of the raiding nights(explain more in case of conflict):
Yes. However, I'm in the marine corps reserve and about once every other month I'll get home at like 7 or 8 est. Which would make me late for raid like once every other month. But like I drive fast so I might get home by 6 anyway.

Do you know any members of the guild? If yes, specify later on:

Do you click any of your abilities? If yes, why?:
No I'm not a retard lmao.

Anything else you would like to share with us:
I'm pretty good at DK and I'm learning how to faceroll Ret as an alt for legion.

Did you take the time to read our guild policies?(They are under recruitment, its a sticky thread):

BattleTag (If you haven't been in touch with one of our officers, it'd perfect to have a reliable way to communicate):

Post a screenshot of your UI:

Post any logs you have:

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