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re: App: Pat2015

The application submitted by Pat2015 is as follows:

Name of your character you're applying on:

Armory Link::

Class with spec and offspec::
Warlock - i can play all 3 and switch between them when needed per boss

Current guild and previous guild:
current guild is barracuda. this is my second warlock so it did not have a guild previously.

Why are you choosing to leave your current guild:
personal reasons.

Why did you choose us and what are you expecting here:
my friend raids with you guys and i have seen through him how you guys operate and conduct yourselves in raid and it is similar to how i like to raid. i am expecting to kill bosses, get loot, and have a good time with the other members of the guild as we do it.

What are your current and past raiding experiences:
i am currently 12/13m (have seen arch to 6%). in SoO i cleared up to garrosh heroic and then the patch hit and i finally got him down when it all turned to mythic and all that. WoD hit and i had classes starting so i took a break from hardcore progression but still played. finally when hfc came out i was able to have more free time and i started playing at the higher level i am used to.

Raid spot depends on performance and raid comp needed, what are your thoughts about that?:
whatever it takes to get the first kill is what needs to be done. can always be brought in later on re kills when we have more room in dps checks and such. also people learn different fights at there own speed so some may grasp mechanics quicker than others

Even if you're benched we ask our members to be around during raid, do you have a problem with that?:



Can you make all or most of the raiding nights(explain more in case of conflict):
i can make all raid days without conflict.

Do you know any members of the guild? If yes, specify later on:

Do you click any of your abilities? If yes, why?:

Anything else you would like to share with us:

Did you take the time to read our guild policies?(They are under recruitment, its a sticky thread):

BattleTag (If you haven't been in touch with one of our officers, it'd perfect to have a reliable way to communicate):
i have tyrii on bnet already

Post a screenshot of your UI:

Post any logs you have:

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re: APPROVED - App: Pat2015 - by Tyrilol

Hi hi, sorry for late response, we'll schedule a tryout whenever I catch you online!

Have a good day


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