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re: App: Prasdl

The application submitted by Prasdl is as follows:

Name of your character you're applying on:

Armory Link::

Class with spec and offspec::
Warrior DPS (Fury/Arms)

Current guild and previous guild:
I'm not in a guild at the moment. I used to raid in guilds with a more casual mindset,which include Shock-Sargeras and Rise Mountains-Mal'Ganis.

I moved on in HFC into a guild named [mkdir BossCollection-Zul'Jin] that was more serious,but I had to leave due to my past relationship.

Why are you choosing to leave your current guild:
I'm looking for a guild because I want to raid with a group that is serious about progression and that will clear the current content on the hardest difficulty.

Why did you choose us and what are you expecting here:
I chose you guys because you have a schedule that works really well with mine.

What I'm expecting from the guild is a serious attitude about progression,while still having fun doing it.

What are your current and past raiding experiences:
I've not done a lot of hard content so far because of the more casual-minded groups I was raiding with. However,I have been playing with my friend who is a very competitive player and he is motivating me to push myself to clear the content on the hardest difficulty.

Raids done:

SoO: 14/14N (Old normal)
Highmaul: 7/7H as well as 1/7M
BRF: 10/10H
HFC: 13/13H

Raid spot depends on performance and raid comp needed, what are your thoughts about that?:
To be able to clear the content,you need to have every advantage on your side,and that comes with having a good comp for the fight as well as people that perform to the highest standard,so if people get benched,they need to understand that the group is more important than the individual.

You also have to expect the best performance out of people as well,it is important not to waste 20 people's time because someone didn't learn about the fight beforehand.

Even if you're benched we ask our members to be around during raid, do you have a problem with that?:
Absolutely not.



Can you make all or most of the raiding nights(explain more in case of conflict):
Attendance will not be a problem. If I know I will be late,I let officers know about it as soon as possible.

Do you know any members of the guild? If yes, specify later on:

Do you click any of your abilities? If yes, why?:
No,it's just counterproductive.

Anything else you would like to share with us:
I use WeakAuras and am a big fan of them,I find them incredibly useful.

How I play my class:

Did you take the time to read our guild policies?(They are under recruitment, its a sticky thread):

BattleTag (If you haven't been in touch with one of our officers, it'd perfect to have a reliable way to communicate):

Post a screenshot of your UI:

Post any logs you have:

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re: DECLINED - App: Prasdl - by Tyrilol

Aight, hello.

Sorry for the silent treatment, but christmas and all.


First, looking at your experience, it's looking kinda grim. The jump you're making is really big. And like a resume, no experience... usually lead to no job.

So, to be blunt, you should set your aim a bit lower. Get experience in a less progressed guild and learn with them as you go up and see if you still want more.

So while it's good to have goals, you shouldn't jump too much step. Else you'll trip along the way.

Last thing, get more logs, they're the best to show one's skill. You do not have that much. And heroic logs aren't the greatess of all. You need to start getting the mythic ones. You have plenty of time with the xpac far away, so go get 'em. Also, when posting logs, post the whole thing, not just 1 boss. Like:

You seem to have a good attitude, hopefully you'll stick true to it. Good luck!


Note: You get extra point for Asmongold gif though.


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re: DECLINED - App: Prasdl - by Tyrilol

Thank you for your time and advice,I appreciate it.


Hopefully I can improve and apply again :)


Cheers, Thor

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