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re: App: ohnamoo

The application submitted by ohnamoo is as follows:

Name of your character you're applying on:

Armory Link::

Class with spec and offspec::

Current guild and previous guild:
Currently i am not in a guild and i am applying to raid for Legion.

Carnage - during WoTLK for ToC and ICC progression

Nurfed - Highmaul and part of blackrock foundry progression

Vulgar - blackrock foundry progression

Why are you choosing to leave your current guild:
Because i am not in any guild right now i would like to explain why i left Vulgar. I left vulgar mainly because they weren't able to uphold what they said from when i joined. I joined the guild and expected to play during the times i was required and maybe the occasional extra hour for progression. However they constantly called/messaged me to get on during off hours (for example 2pm just to get in some attempts for a boss) and exhausted me. After leaving this guild i took an indefinite break mainly because i was completely burnt out from swapping around realms/guilds and having to play too much.

Why did you choose us and what are you expecting here:
As a student i really want to balance my time so that i can do hardcore progression but also get my work done for school. I also wish to get an internship which can be an issue with most guilds that raid 3-4 days a week. I am expecting the guild to be filled with people that have similar responsibilities. I also wish to join a guild that likes to get things done the right way and leave little room for mistake and i think this guild fits that perfectly.

What are your current and past raiding experiences:
ToGC - 4/5
H ICC - 10/12 before added buff
8/8 FL
8/8 DS
All MoP content cleared(very casual so no heroic progression)
6/7 M HM (had attempts for imperator and shouldve been part of the kill but in the end wasnt)
5/10 M BrF (progression stopped for me after i left Vulgar)

Raid spot depends on performance and raid comp needed, what are your thoughts about that?:
My thoughts have remained the same since i started raiding in WoW. There are only so many raid spots available and i think its important for people to constantly be working to perform at their best. I also believe that raid comp is important and can change whether a boss can be downed or not. I believe that all raiders should have atleast one alt that they are very proficient with.

Even if you're benched we ask our members to be around during raid, do you have a problem with that?:
This is not an issue for me and i believe this goes hand in hand with the raid comp necessary to kill a boss.



Can you make all or most of the raiding nights(explain more in case of conflict):
yes i definitely can make all the times. I used to be able to make 4-5 days per week so 2 days is definitely a blessing and leaves no reason for me to miss a day.

Do you know any members of the guild? If yes, specify later on:

Do you click any of your abilities? If yes, why?:
No i don't. Never have been a clicker except for when maybe using teleport or portal as a mage.

Anything else you would like to share with us:
I have a competitive nature and always work to improve. I like to check logs, compare logs with others, and always check to see how i can improve for certain boss encounters.
I also have a competitive background in league of legends. The reason i mention this is because i think its important that raiders have the ability to communicate and work together with others. League has helped me develop that skill and has helped me tremendously in the past few guilds i was in.

BattleTag (If you haven't been in touch with one of our officers, it'd perfect to have a reliable way to communicate):

Post a screenshot of your UI:

Post any logs you have:

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