Strat List

Strat NameDescription
6.2 HypePewPew
Kargath BladeFistFirst boss of Highmaul!
Mythic - !"%/&handDat filter
Mythic - KromogThat's what happens when you skip leg day!
Mythic - ThogarChoo Choo
Tectus - The living mountainRise mountains!
Mythic - Iron MaidenRock on!
Imperator Mythicyup
Brackenspore - MythicMad mad fungus
Mythic - Blast FurnaceJust blasting...
Mythic - Oregorgernom nom nom
Mythic - GrullThe dragonkiller...jkjk he retired.
Twin OgronIt's good.

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Boss Blueprint was developed so MMO players can create visual boss strategies. An alternative to hand-drawn strategies, Boss Blueprint provides clutter-free, birds-eye-view images accompanied with a palette of familiar icons for maximum ease of use. If you are used to using Paint to make boss strats then Boss Blueprint will make your life easier and your strats better! Boss Blueprint currently has full World of Warcraft support, more games coming soon!